My plan for a universal basic income and post Covid recovery

The Liverpool City Region has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and we need urgent action with a new economic deal to create jobs, get businesses thriving again and support those who have been left behind and excluded.

As Mayor I will;

  • Introduce the first trial of a Universal Basic Income (UBI), giving up to 1,000 job seeking citizens a basic monthly income a year to test the impacts of a basic monthly income. The scheme will also include a targeted support scheme to encourage people to find work and learn new skills. Covid has changed the game in the way many of us live our lives and support our families . Many people have lost their income and have had to rely on government handouts, welfare benefits and the goodwill of landlords to survive. Basic income is all about giving dignity to ordinary people allowing them to live decent lives. Whilst a living wage and rising automation gives all the power to the business, allowing workers to be exploited, basic income gives individuals the power to live and grow in whatever way they choose. A basic income will eradicate poverty, as everyone will have the money they need to move into a dwelling and eat enough. It will also help those who need childcare for work, or learning new skills needed to change career. However, and most importantly it will eradicate, in one fell swoop, the mental stresses of living payday to payday.
  • Reinvent our high-streets so that, once again, they become thriving places at the heart of our communities. That means no longer relying solely on retail, and introducing a range of services that local people want and need - from shared working spaces to childcare, to more places to eat and drink after work.
  • Support small businesses and the self employed. The government has failed to properly support small businesses and self-employed workers in the Liverpool City Region throughout the pandemic.  I will fight for a rent relief fund to help small businesses clear debts piled up in the pandemic and new relief payments for self-employed people without property.
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