My plan to end the climate emergency

We're in a climate emergency, an existential crisis - but it often doesn't feel like it.  As a city region we have a key role to play.  Not only in actively reducing the climate impact of our transport and energy, but in being a world leader, a beacon to national and international governments.  With so much green space, the opportunity of our position by the sea and a region that prides itself on creativity, we have lots to offer and lots to do.

As Mayor I will;

  • Create a Green recovery post Covid-19 by ensuring all infrastructure plans, programmes, and investment decisions are in line with what’s needed to address the climate emergency. A clear carbon budget and carbon reduction pathway needs to be set out with an action plan to implement it.
  • Ensure those most impacted by climate breakdown and nature loss are heard and centre stage in decision-making.
  • Protect workers and communities through a transition from a fossil fuel-dependent economy to a low-carbon, nature-rich, circular economy, including delivering the 15,000+ jobs that a Local Government Association analysis says could be created in the region by 2030.
  • Introduce policies and measures that ensure new development is net zero carbon, and existing homes are brought up to high energy standards, thereby relegating fuel poverty to the history books.
  • Invest in green public transport, cycling, and walking within the next 10 years, to cut climate emissions and ensure everyone can breathe clean air.
  • Invest in clean, renewable energy for the Liverpool City Region.  I will advance tidal power plans and create more wind farm sites.
  • Green the city-region by increasing tree cover, protecting nature, and 're-wilding' solutions.
  • Encourage local authorities in the Liverpool City Region to create green highways decisions by moving cars away from schools and town centres and instead encouraging walking and public transport use to such places.
  • I will ensure all our parks and green spaces are legally protected across the Liverpool City Region for generations to come.
  • Become a zero-waste city-region by 2030 without reliance on landfill or incineration.  For example, we will invest in cloth nappy schemes to reduce single use nappy waste in the region.
  • Ensure the Port of Liverpool is net zero carbon as soon as possible, and demand a non-road, sustainable solution to the movement of freight, and advocating for halting the importation of industrial-scale North American biomass.
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